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Performances and concerts

Take center stage in some of the best performance spaces in the region, managed by a team of professional technicians to guide you in the planning of your cultural event, in music, theatre or dance.


Bishop’s University staff are great, hardworking and very polite. They go out of their way to provide the most efficient service.  They hallways and bathroom are always clean and stocked.  Bishop’s really sets high standards to provide a positive experience for large groups.  It is a great place to host a large group and Centennial Theatre is great for giving presentations.  The dorms are really neighbor friendly and there ample space to move when sharing with several guests.
Lara Reda

COVID-19 Meeting room capacity (PDF)

Bandeen Hall

Bandeen Hall

Bandeen Hall is a concert venue. Speakers will be thrilled by its historical flavour and its elevated stage, the central screen on stage and exceptional acoustics.

  • Stage Size: 24'x35'.
  • Total surface: 63'x35'.
  • Theatre classroom: 150 seats.
  • Square-shape: 28 seats.
  • U-shape: 22 seats.

Practice rooms also available.

Turner Studio

Black box, customizable settings.

  • Size: 35' x 20'.
  • Ceiling Height: 20'.
  • Theatre: 160 seats.
Centennial Theatre

Centennial Theatre

All seats are upholstered and numbered, and the house is ventilated.

  • Stage Size: 40'x40'.
  • Ceiling Height: 19,6'
  • 550 seats when the elevator is up
Centennial Lobby

Centennial Lobby

  • Size: 75’x30′.
  • Ceiling Height: 20′.
  • Kiosk: 20 seats.
  • Dinner, round tables: 80 seats.
  • Cocktail: 160 persons.
  • Classroom: 70 seats.
  • Theatre: 150 seats.
  • Square-shape: 44 seats.
  • U-shape: 36 seats


Studio 2 (Turner 209)

  • Size: 39′ x 22′
  • Ceiling Height: 20′


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