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Conference venues

Enjoy your event stress free

Our professional and dedicated staff will take care of all the logistics. From booking the perfect meeting space and AV for your specific needs, ordering coffee breaks to gala dinner, organizing unique activities on campus for your delegates or helping you discovering our beautiful region. We do it all.

McGreer 100 - Tomlinson room

McGreer 100 (Tomlinson)

Built in 1846, McGreer Hall is synonymous with Bishop's University and an architectural icon to all who see it. Named for Arthur Huffman McGreer (1883-1947), Principal of Bishop's from 1922 to 1947, the building is the administrative hub of the institution.

With its formal appearance, Tomlinson Room is the perfect venue for executive meetings. Surrounded by history, participants will be immersed in a unique working atmosphere.

  • Size: 40'x25'.
  • Ceiling Height: 14'.
  • Square-shape: 32 seats.
  • 20 seats surrounding the room.
Bishop Williams Hall

Bishop Williams Hall

Bishop Williams Hall is a 130-seat auditorium with two screens and two projectors, ideal for simultaneous or bilingual presentations. Located in the Johnson Hall, with nearby classrooms for workshops.

  • Size 58'x32'.
  • Ceiling Height: 21'


With a capacity of 100 people, the new learning commons agora is modern and spacious and equipped with the latest technology. Your guests will be in awe of its unique design. Located in the main library newly renovated in 2018.

Bandeen Hall

Bandeen Hall

Bandeen Hall is a concert venue. Speakers will be thrilled by its historical flavour and its elevated stage, the central screen on stage and exceptional acoustics.

  • Stage Size: 24'x35'.
  • Total surface: 63'x35'.
  • Theatre classroom: 150 seats.
  • Square-shape: 28 seats.
  • U-shape: 22 seats.

Practice rooms also available.

The Gait

The Gait

Multipurpose room amenable to all kinds of setups. Ideally located in the heart of the campus, within steps of the cafeteria, residence halls and classrooms. Adjacent to the International Student Centre, where the organizing committee's headquarters could be established. The Gait is also equipped with a bar and a dance floor for dinners and social events.

  • Size: 99'x63'.
  • Ceiling height: 10'.
  • Dinner, round tables: 300 seats.
  • Cocktail: 560 persons.
  • Classroom: 230 seats.
  • Theatre: 500 seats.
Paterson Hall

Paterson Hall

Participants will love taking their health break on the outside patio adjoining Paterson Hall.

  • Size: 39'x42'.
  • Ceiling Height: 8'.
  • Dinner, round tables: 112 seats.
  • Cocktail: 150 persons.
  • Classroom: 60 seats.
  • Theatre: 96 seats.
  • Square-shape: 60 seats.
  • U-shape: 50 seats
Golf Club House

Golf Club House

Show off your best swing on Canada's oldest nine-hold course. Founded in 1897, the Old Lennoxville Golf Club is ready to welcome you and your guests for a thoroughly pleasant occasion. The Club House is a cozy and intimate venue for your dinner or special event. Perfect to combine work and play.

  • Size without the dance floor: 33'x42'.
  • Dinner : 131 seats;
  • Cocktail: 131 persons.
  • Dance floor: 24'x15'.
  • Terrace: 24'x36';
  • Dinner: 71 seats.
  • Ceiling Height: 10' to 20'.

Cleghorn Room

Cleghorn Room is a multipurpose hall with a unique look. With its wood paneling and stained glass windows, it can be set up in different styles.

  • Size: 66'x26'.
  • Ceiling height: 12'.
  • Dinner, round tables: 80 seats.
  • Cocktail: 120 persons.
  • Classroom: 60 seats.
  • Theatre: 100 seats.
  • Square-shape: 46 seats.
  • U-shape: 40 seats.
Adams Dining Room

Adams Dining Room

Adams Dining Room is perfectly suited for small gatherings, either for meetings or intimate meals. Adjacent to the main cafeteria, this room is ideally suited for an excellent working meal.

  • Size: 35'x22'.
  • Dinner: 48 seats
  • Classroom: 16 seats
  • Theatre: 30 seats
  • U-shape: 24 seats

Regular Classrooms

Whether you're planning a conference, workshop, camp or seminar, you'll find what you're looking for in our array of classrooms and academic spaces. Take a look at our fully equipped, multimedia classrooms and know that you'll be guided every step of the way thanks to our friendly and supportive staff.

The Loft

With its abundant windows, the Loft, located near The Gait, is perfect for committee meetings during a convention. Adjacent to the Tim Horton's, which is practical for longer-than-expected gatherings.

  • Size: 24'x14'.
  • Ceiling Height: 9'.
  • Square-shape: 12 seats.
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