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Accommodations for groups

Whether you’re looking for a suite style apartment or practical dorm-style rooms, we’ve got you covered. We can welcome every type of group, from large conferences to youth camps. Bonus: you’ll be a stone’s throw away from most of our facilities. How easy is that?

We have different styles of accommodations in 7 different residences:

Abbott accommodations

Abbott / Kuehner

Bishop’s University is pleased to announce the availability of our Abbott & Kuehner residences, recently renovated. Abbott & Kuehner offers both single and double occupancy rooms with semi-private bathrooms shared between two rooms. Double occupancy rooms with private bathrooms are also available. Guests can enjoy our new accommodations with the convenience of the dining hall located just a few steps away.

Floor plans (PDF): single | double

Munster and Kuehner accommodations


Munster offers both single and double occupancy rooms with a semi-private bathroom shared between two rooms. These residence halls are closest to the Sports Centre and Dewhurst dining hall.

Floor plans (PDF): single | double

Patterson accommodations


Paterson is home to the Residence and Conference Services office. It is a unique lodging space because it offers apartment accommodations. Guests have a choice of four bedroom apartments, or one bedroom apartments. The four bedroom apartment includes three single beds, one double bed, and two bathrooms. One bedroom apartment includes one double bed and a full bathroom. All Paterson guests have access to a living room, dining area, and fully equipped kitchen.

Floor plans (PDF): type 1 | type 2

Mackinnon, Norton, and Pollack accommodations

Mackinnon / Norton / Pollack

Mackinnon, Norton, and Pollack are traditional style residences with double and single occupancy rooms available. There are shared common bathrooms on each floor as well as a common space with cable television.

Floor plans (PDF): Norton and Pollack | Mackinnon

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