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COVID-19 Guidelines

To protect the health and safety of everyone on campus, we ask that you comply with the following guidelines:


We ask that all guests assess their health prior to arriving on campus. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 we ask that you stay home, and not travel to campus. You will be asked upon arrival to complete a self-assessment form to acknowledge that you have no symptoms of COVID-19 and have not been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 or COVID-19 symptoms.

If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 while on campus, please let the organizer of your event know or security services. Please self-isolate and leave campus. If you need assistance, please contact security services at 819-822-9711.


Procedural masks must be worn while individuals are circulating on campus inside buildings and residences. They can only be removed when an individual goes outside or if an individual is seated in an area designated for eating. At all other times, a procedural mask must be worn.

Sanitizer Stations

Sanitizing stations are conveniently located in the entry of each building and in proximity to all meeting venues. Sanitizers must be utilized upon entering each building and may be used when exiting.

Physical Distancing

Guests are always asked to respect physical distancing by staying 2m away from each other.

Group Sizes

Event capacities have been adjusted to abide by provincial health and safety guidelines.

PPE for Staff

All staff including front- and back-of-house teams for food, catering and bar service are required to wear procedural masks and visors as applicable.

Food Safety

Our catering kitchen operates with the highest safety standards and follows all government health and food safety guidelines.


All washrooms have reduced capacity as per public health guidelines and to allow for proper physical distancing. Please respect cue areas outside of bathrooms.

Individual venues on campus may have other guidelines specific to their operation, we ask that you follow all directives and signage on campus to keep everyone safe.

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